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Drone Logistics Ecosystem has organised it first meeting between all its members

7 DEC 2021

Singapore, DLE has successfully conducted its first members-only conference, not an easy task to organise an online global meeting covering 17 hours’ time difference, 6th DEC 7 AM for Aurora Aerial in Winnipeg (Canada) all the way to 7th DEC midnight for Freespace Operation in Melbourne (Australia). The participating members included Gary Vermaak and Ali Jahanshahi (AirGo design), Alan Tay (Aurora Aerial), Shian Lee (AlphaSwift Industries), Eric Gauthier (DragonFlyPads), Asa Quesenberry (Dronext), Javier Espuch (Embention), Ken King (Freespace Operation), Ryan Lee (Heron Technology), Jerno Puff (LikeABird), Niall Greenwood (Neuron), Edward Alves (Sinepower), Adarsh Sidharth and Eshaan Khullar (Skye Air Mobility), Patrik Jakas (Tramigo), Ryan Walsh (Valqari), Christoph Selig (Unisphere), and Yong Jia Ying (UNITEN). They introduced their respective companies and university and share ideas on potential cross-border collaborations.

In the conference, DLE’s role was to create an intellectually stimulating environment for members to discuss scalable, innovative solutions to turn into co-development and pilot projects. As an international grass-root/bottom-up (virtual) network in the drone cargo delivery market, DLE has grown organically to include 20 members/ 19 companies and 2 universities from 16 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In a short span of time and without any support, it has already successfully delivered its first pilot project, a collaboration between AirGo Design (Singapore), DragonFlyPads (France and Unisphere (Germany), over 50 drone deliveries in Paris between 4-8th of October.

DLE aims to organise quarterly members-only conferences and open panel discussions to share its success and knowledge with the public. It is actively looking for sponsors to support its (online) events, and if you are interested, drop a message at the DLE homepage.

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