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Drone Logistics Ecosystem Welcomes Brazilian Drone Delivery Startup Moya Aero as the latest member

Moya Aero Joins Drone Logistics Ecosystem

10 AUG 2023

São José dos Campos, Brazil - The Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE) is pleased to announce the addition of Moya Aero, a dynamic Brazilian drone delivery startup, to its membership. Headquartered in São José dos Campos, Brazil, Moya Aero is pioneering the creation of the southern hemisphere's inaugural high-capacity cargo drone. Named Moya eVTOL, this innovative aircraft will operate on 100% electric power and boast an impressive payload capacity of 200kg, covering a range of 110km. With the prototype set to take flight in Q4 2023, the company has already secured a Letter of Intent for 50 units with Helisul, Brazil's largest helicopter operator, which is diversifying into the drone sector.

"The cargo drone market is poised to evolve in diverse directions due to the extensive array of possibilities before us. Automation stands as a pivotal stride, eliminating the need for pilots on long-haul journeys and transcending the limitations of traffic. Equally significant is the environmental aspect, as drones supersede combustion vehicles, effectively nullifying carbon emissions. As drones proliferate, they will revolutionize vital transport segments beyond the confines of last-mile logistics, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The more this market progresses, the more all stakeholders will reap rewards. This underscores the paramount importance of active engagement within an ecosystem of innovation and collaboration," Mrs. Renata Marins Paolillo, COO of Moya Aero.

MOYA AERO was established in 2020 by Alexandre Zaramela and Renata Paolillo, Moya Aero is an offshoot of ACS Aviation, the preeminent aeronautical engineering, research, and aircraft development entity in Brazil, situated at the heart of Latin America's industrial corridor, São José dos Campos. This rich heritage underpins the creation of Moya eVTOL, the Southern Hemisphere's pioneering high-capacity, all-electric, and autonomous aerial vehicle. Drawing from our comprehensive expertise across the aerospace spectrum, we leverage our collective knowledge to seize opportunities within the market. Our aerial vehicle concepts address age-old logistical challenges, encompassing the reduction of CO₂ emissions to zero, establishment of connections to remote regions through vital supply delivery, enhancement of agricultural management efficiency and productivity, and facilitation of expedited, economical, and straightforward business-to-customer interactions. Our ideas are creative. Our products are transformative.

Drone Logistics Ecosystem

DLE is a global/virtual network of Companies, Universities, the Public/Governments, and Investors operating in the drone logistics industry. The aim of the DLE is to bring together stakeholders to collaborate to stimulate standardization in this rapidly emerging industry. Hence, accelerating cross-border marketing and commercialization of products and services of its members. Since most of the companies in this industry are early-stage start-ups with limited access to funding, manpower and expertise, DLE is the ideal platform for companies to share their expertise to co-develop products and services and/or acquire necessary cross-border market access in partnership with other members.

Drone Logistics Ecosystem's Members

In the past 2 years, DLE has expanded to include 50 organizations, consisting of 46 companies, 2 universities and world's largest drone association, Japan UAS Industrial Development Association, across 21 different countries. In a short period of time, we have been able to generate several international proof-of-concept projects with a few commercialization prospects in the pipeline. The pandemic has restricted our movement and DLE has been a great tool for our members to streamline communication and product development. We are in the process to create a commercialization model to help our members reach the market faster in partnership with other members.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to join our ecosystem.

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