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Drone Delivery in South America, Brazil Leads the Way

26 July 2023

Authored by Gary Vermaak

Welcome to the exciting world of Advanced Air Mobility and drone delivery in Brazil and South America! Let's explore the remarkable developments taking place in this region.

Brazil has achieved remarkable success in the aerospace industry, thanks to the renowned Embraer, which was founded in 1969. From challenging beginnings with the first national commuter turboprop to now producing sophisticated aircraft like the Embraer E195 and C-190, Brazil has become a major player in civil and military aviation.

With the impressive number of 400+ aircraft daily flying over the city of São Paulo, it stands as the Urban Air Mobility capital of the world. The introduction of eVTOL passenger aircraft, including the homegrown Embraer lift+cruise eVTOL and innovative systems from Eve Air Mobility, will further solidify its dominance in this field.

The drone delivery market in Brazil is ripe with opportunities. Given that the global courier, package, and postal industry generates nearly $400 billion in revenue annually, while the food delivery industry generates $150 billion per year. Brazilian aerospace companies and startups are poised to play a significant role in these markets, both locally and globally, in the coming decade.

Let's take a closer look at two pioneering companies in the Brazilian drone delivery space: JETWIND BRAZIL and Speedbird Aero. JETWIND, founded in 2014 by a talented electronics and aeronautical engineer, Tiago Giglio Rodrigues, recognized the potential of UAVs in various sectors, including Imaging, Special Missions and what they named “Exception Logistics”. The features of their RQ-17 ION in quadrotor and fixed wing VTOL variants allows customers to tailor the aircraft to meet their specific needs. The solutions comply with aeronautical standards and practices to delivery reliability with an Engineering 100% Brazilian. JETWIND has performed flights in Brazil and recently completed low weather tests in Canada planning to increase its competitiveness in international markets as well.

On the other hand, Speedbird Aero, established on January 1, 2018, by Manoel Coelho and Samuel Salomão, is renowned for its safe and seamless drone logistics platform. It was the first platform certified by a Civil Aviation Agency and aims to expand globally by 2030. Having already transported over 10,000kg of cargo with their DLV series of drones and secured nearly $7 million in investment, Speedbird Aero is soaring towards new heights.

Speedbird Drone Delivery for iFood in Brazil

Furthermore, partnerships are flourishing in this dynamic landscape. Israeli start-up High Lander is collaborating with one of Brazil's largest UAV operators, Speedbird Aero, to introduce an autonomous air traffic control system. This will facilitate the safe and efficient delivery of fast-food and groceries across the country through the iFood app. Speedbird Aero is also making waves by entering the US market.

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