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Drone Logistics Investment Square (DLIS) is an exclusive program for DLE members. A 90 days fast-track program to raise investment for 3x3 selected DLE members from Hardware, Software, and Operation categories.

DLIS Workflow


  • Phase I: Due Diligence- DLE will establish parameters and initiate due diligence to select 3x3 startups/SMEs in Hardware, Software and Operation categories among its members to enter the DLIS fundraising program. Concurrently, DLE will engage with investors (CVC, VC, Angel investors) to gauge their interest and commitment to investing in AAM/Drone Logistics, qualifying as many as possible.

  • Phase II: Data Sharing- DLE and partner shall sign a finder’s fee agreement with the qualified seven startups/SMEs to begin the matchmaking process with investors. Investors will select the companies they wish to engage with, and DLE will facilitate introductions via email, ensuring confidentiality.

  • Phase III: Matchmaking- Upon investor satisfaction, discussions may progress to negotiation and, if necessary, DLE will assist in bridging any gaps to initiate drafting of a term sheet.

  • Phase IV: Decision- This phase represents the final handshake between investors and some of the 9 fortunate companies securing funds. 



DLE was invited to the Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit Asia 2023, organized by Farnborough Airshow. One the most important aspects of the investment landscape in the AAM industry.   


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