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Drone Express Joins Commercial Drone Logistics (DLE) as Latest Member to Expand Global Reach

03 JUNE 2024

Dayton, OH, United States of America – The Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE) proudly welcomes Drone Express, a leading innovator in autonomous delivery solutions, as its newest member.

Drone Express has been a pioneer in aviation innovation, transforming last-mile logistics with autonomous flight technology. Their US-manufactured drones facilitate eco-friendly, autonomous package delivery, enabling businesses to streamline their logistics and offer efficient domestic and international delivery services. Headquartered in Dayton, OH, Drone Express also has offices in Denver, CO and Madrid, Spain. Drone Express has formed strategic partnerships with prominent corporations such as The Kroger Company, Papa John's International, Winsupply, and several other retailers, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry. The company is excited to join the DLE community to establish valuable partnerships and foster industry growth.


Eduardo Borges, Chief Financial Officer of Drone Express, expressed, "Our team is thrilled to join industry organizations like the Drone Logistics Ecosystem. Their focus on the drone delivery sector aligns perfectly with our goal of advancing products, services, and business development through exposure to industry experts, offering valuable opportunities for growth and collaboration."

Drone Express is currently involved in the Part 135 Unmanned Domestic Air Carrier Certification Program in collaboration with the FAA. Once fully certified, Drone Express will join a select few companies, including industry leaders like Amazon, Google, and Zipline, authorized to operate unmanned aircraft for BVLOS commercial delivery in the United States under the FAA's rigorous guidelines.

About Drone Express: Drone Express is an innovative aviation company disrupting last-mile logistics by embracing autonomous flight. Founded in 2021, the company uses drones to deliver safe, reliable, autonomous, eco-friendly packages nationwide to customers. They have secured strategic nationwide corporate partnerships with The Kroger Company, Papa John’s International, Winsupply, and other retailers. They have earned a spot in the Part 135 Unmanned Domestic Air Carrier Certification program through extensive work with the FAA. Drone Express will be one of only a few companies certified to perform unmanned beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) deliveries in the United States.

For more information on Drone Express and its commercial drone delivery offering, please visit


Drone Logistics Ecosystem


DLE is a global/virtual network of Companies, Universities, the Public/Governments, and Investors operating in the drone logistics industry. The aim of the DLE is to bring together stakeholders to collaborate to stimulate standardization in this rapidly emerging industry. Hence, accelerating cross-border marketing and commercialization of products and services of its members. Since most of the companies in this industry are early-stage start-ups with limited access to funding, manpower and expertise, DLE is the ideal platform for companies to share their expertise to co-develop products and services and/or acquire necessary cross-border market access in partnership with other members. 

In the past 2 years, DLE has expanded to include 51 organizations, consisting of 47 companies, 2 universities and world's largest drone association, Japan UAS Industrial Development Association, across 21 different countries. In a short period of time, we have been able to generate several international proof-of-concept projects with a few commercialization prospects in the pipeline. The pandemic has restricted our movement and DLE has been a great tool for our members to streamline communication and product development. We are in the process to create a commercialization model to help our members reach the market faster in partnership with other members.

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