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Drone Logistics Ecosystem News - September 2022

29 SEP 2022,

We would like to announce the participation of the drone manufacturer and operator Rigi Tech from Switzerland and the US-based drone delivery company Zing Drone as the latest members of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem. In addition, we would like to cover a few updates from our members across the globe.

CHICAGO, USA – Valqari has developed world’s first automated last-inch drone delivery/dispatch mailbox system. The company is led by Ryan Walsh, who is carring the responsibility as the Chapter Director of US for Drone Logistics Ecosystem. Valqari has recently acquired the UK-based IDU Group led by Kevin Duckers. The M&A would provide the complete last-inch solutions to Valqari to access rooftops and windows of buildings in the urban environments. As part of this merger, Ryan will continue as the CEO of Valqari while, and Kevin will act as the COO of Valqari. This new, combined entity will be focused on providing the next generation of drone infrastructure across multiple high-growth industries. The companies have had a strong relationship for several years and this merger significantly strengthens the joint product lines within the industry.

SINGAPORE – Singaporean AirGo Design, represented by Dr Ali Jahanshahi, COO of AirGo and Global Executive Director of Drone Logistics Ecosystem, and the Malaysian Drone Insurance company VStream Revolution led by Saravanan Letchumenan are entering a partnership to work on insurance policies for AirGo’s smart DroneBox™ containers. This would be the first effort on a global scale to streamline an evaluation and risk assessment method for drone delivery containers, including laboratory tests and certification process in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authorities Ministry of Health in Malaysia, specifically for the transportation of medical supplies.

SANTIAGO DE QUERÉTARO, MEXICO – Global Energy Transmission (GET) has developed a remote “tesla coil” battery charging station enables battery-powered drones to charge battery while flying. GET has officially relocated its team, development and production activity and assets to Mexico, to become DLE’s first member from Mexico. Querétaro is a strategic place for the long-term growth, providing easier access to international talents and affordable production line. Please contact the company representative Dmitry Skotnikov if you are interested to know more about GET.

TOKYO, JAPAN SkyScape Japan (DroNext) specializes in providing Advanced Air Mobility services to create real value for individuals, communities, and businesses. The company is led by Asa Quesenberry, he is the Chapter Director of Drone Logistics Ecosystem for East Asia market. SkyScape has raised Pre-Seed investment from the world’s largest Advanced Air mobility investment VC, the Japanese DroneFund. The fund will support SkyScape efforts to build community based Vertiport constructions across Japan, in collaboration with developers and other stakeholders in the industry. It is great privilege to be part of DroneFund family, which represent one of the well-known name in the industry such as Aerodyne Group.

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