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US-based startup Valqari is joining the Drone Logistics Ecosystem to collaborate with AirGo Design

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

21 July 2021

Chicago, USA- Valqari is announcing its participation in the Drone Logistics Ecosystem to address the evolving drone logistics market for urban, rural, regionally and at sea mid-mile and last-mile deliveries. The aim of Drone Logistics is to work on standardization of the drone delivery technologies by collaborating and focusing on innovative solutions such as end-to-end delivery systems, safe and reliable infrastructure for drone delivery, removing risk from drone delivery operations.

VALQARI, CEO & co-founder Mr. Ryan Walsh said “We are excited about the ecosystem they are building for drone delivery. We know Valqari’s drone delivery infrastructure will be a critical piece of that ecosystem and look forward to how we can work with them to achieve an end to end solution for their customers”.

Drone Logistics Ecosystem Members:

AirGo Designs Pte. Ltd. was founded in Singapore in 2013. The company is working on innovative lightweight solutions for the aviation industry using cutting-edge composite technologies to replace metal in heavy-duty primary/secondary aero structures. AirGo engineering team has designed a universal multirotor landing gear system integrated with a safe and reliable automated drop-and-leave releasing mechanism, including 9L standardised ultralight, recyclable, and smart drone boxes. AirGo technology is currently being used in the aviation industry and beyond in automotive, advanced air mobility and electronics. Over the years, AirGo has been featured in 200+ news articles in 20 different languages. And has won multiple awards and prizes in design & engineering, material innovation and sustainability.

Dragonfly Pads is a French company, who provide turn-key solutions for drone landing and maintenance through the deployment of a grid of flexible, safe, and cost-effective vertiports. The pads will be strategically located on underused public and private real estate. Development of turn-key all-inclusive mobile and eco-friendly pads enabling landing, charging, servicing, and storing of drones. DragonFly Pads is led by a team of experienced and successful executives developing both hardware and software vertipads to service the commercial drones, which is expected to reach over 400 000 commercial drones in Europe by 2030, and DragonFly Pads is actively engaged in partnerships with well-established players across Europe and now globally.

Freespace Operations is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer, delivering world-leading industrial heavy-lift multirotor drone systems to the defence & commercial sectors. Freespace Operations focuses on small to medium-sized multirotor systems. Their flagship heavy lifter Calisto 50 multirotor drone offers the global best performance and features, allowing up to 25 kg of payload capacity and multirole capabilities. The Callisto core philosophy is modularity with multiple power options available, including high energy density battery and series petrol hybrid systems, quick change payloads, advanced ship-based takeoff and landing marine capability and long-term maintenance while also being ‘Evergreen’, allowing for both hardware and software upgrades along with the full life of the aircraft.

Nordic 247© is an innovation-driven Finnish company with cutting edge miniaturized temperature cooling systems to treat the limited/weak power of the cooling capacity. The treatment of airflow of hot and cold air is the key factor. This is protected with a patent. We have developed a cooler with Peltier elements that have a cooling capacity close enough to basic compressor coolers. State-of-the Peltier coolers could only achieve a temperature difference of 10⁰C from ambient (ambient is +21⁰C). We have broken through this boundary and managed almost to double the temperature difference, achieving an inner cooler temperature of +2,9⁰C! With our technology, we can build coolers with 80% fewer parts – a meaningful environmental impact. All parts are recyclable.

Tramigo Ltd is a Finnish company, and one of the early pioneers in GPS tracking and IoT connectivity with a global presence since 2002. Tramigo develops and offers complete, easy-to-use, mission-critical tracking solutions for fleet management and valuable assets, which need to be tracked, monitored, and secured. All solutions come with truly global multi-network IoT connectivity covering 700+ networks in 200+ countries, ensuring the best possible coverage in the industry. The solutions are highly customizable and have several industry-unique features to ensure both a broad spectrum of use cases, easiness of usage and ultimately peace of mind through ultimate reliability. Tramigo operates globally with sales, support, and operational staff on all continents.

AIRGO DESIGN PTE. LTD.: Dr Ali Jahanshahi,,

VALQARI: Mr. Ryan Walsh,,

Secretariat for the DRONE LOGISTICS ECOSYSTEM: Mr. Gary Vermaak,

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