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Indian Drone Delivery Startup, Vama Skylight is Joining DLE as Part of Its Fundraising Effort

Vama SkyLight Joins DLE

26 June 2024

Bhimpore, India – Drone delivery startup Vama Skylight is joining as the latest member of Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE). As startup Vama Skylight mission is to utilize the opportunity that the limitless sky offers by creating a technology-driven organization that gives reliable solutions to the challenges of the present and future. Currently at the bootstrapping seeking to secure type Certification to have their heavy payload drone operational. Through this membership Vama Skylight would access DLE’s vast global network to reach markets in Europe, Africa, and Asia. DLE in collaboration with Unmanned Airspace have initiated an investment platform to fast-track fundraising for its members to reach to investment network in the advanced air mobility and deep-tech space. 


Mr Abhishek Agarwal CEO and founder of  Vama Skylight, said, "the company was established on 31st December 2021. Initially it was me who had plans of starting with the drones and later on my friends’ joined hands with me. We are a core group of four where one has expertise in sales while the other has in finance and the third is into digital promotions and marketing and talking about me, I am completely a technical person.

Our drone is designed to carry up to 100kg payload at main sea level and at a height of 12000 feet above sea level it can carry a payload of up to 50kg. Our 100kg drone is for logistic support to our army where it gets difficult for other medium of transport to reach. The other drone is designed to carry a payload of 10kg which has a drop mechanism and pully mechanism equipped with AI based camera, flood lights and speakers which is named as NAINA which means eye in the sky."

"We had displayed our drone Naina at the Indian Air Base where the Defence Minister of India was present. "During the time of disaster it gets difficult for cars and trucks to reach at places where people are stuck and moreover during the time of disaster there are also situations wherein it’s a challenge even for helicopters to reach places where people are stuck for relief. There is also a risk of life of people who are there inside the helicopter operating it and there is where our drone comes into play."

"It’s an UAS where there is zero risk of losing human life and will also reach places where even helicopters cannot reach and can scan places where even human eye fails to see. So we strongly believe our drones can perform on all odd situations and can be a of great help to human life. Through DLE we can reach out to various countries and showcase our product and it can be of great help to them and there people as well. Showcasing our product and its reliability we can cater attention of people from all over the world and explain them our usage of drone and how it an be effective to human life through which we can also raise funds for expansion of our business and to give a boost to our startup."



Vama Skylight is a start-up company based in India, DAMAN a union territory who manufacture drones. We manufacture different types of drones where the categories are logistic drones, disaster management and relief drone and agriculture drone.

 Talking about our agriculture drone, we have a 16L & 10L capacity agriculture-drone use for spraying in the farm which is again a great help to farmers of India. It saves their time duration of spraying and also give an ease to their spraying style. We also have A logistic drone which can lift up-to 100kgs of payload and at an altitude of 12000ft above sea level it can lift up-to 50kgs of payload. This drone comes into action where there is no motorable road and goods needs to be supplied at higher altitude. Then we have Disaster management and relief drone which are used during the time of natural calamity such as floods, earthquakes, etc. It has a payload of 10Kg with drop mechanism and rope mechanism and flood lights along with AI camera. Our team of dedicated engineers focuses on designing and improving our drones. They work hard on research and development to ensure we create top-quality drones. Each engineer plays a crucial role in making sure our drones are the best they can be. They test new ideas, find innovative solutions, and constantly strive to enhance performance and reliability. By staying up-to-date with the latest technology and industry trends, our team ensures that our drones meet high standards of quality and efficiency. Their dedication and expertise allow us to deliver advanced drones that meet our customers' needs and expectations. We are proud of our team's commitment to excellence and their passion for creating superior drones.   

Drone Logistics Ecosystem is a global/virtual network of Companies, Universities, the Public/Governments, and Investors operating in the drone logistics industry. The aim of the DLE is to bring together stakeholders to collaborate to stimulate standardization in this rapidly emerging industry. Hence, accelerating cross-border marketing and commercialization of products and services of its members. Since most of the companies in this industry are early-stage start-ups with limited access to funding, manpower and expertise, DLE is the ideal platform for companies to share their expertise to co-develop products and services and/or acquire necessary cross-border market access in partnership with other members.

In the past 3 years, DLE has expanded to include 60 organizations, consisting of 56 companies, 2 universities and world's largest drone association, Japan UAS Industrial Development Association, across 24 different countries. In a short period of time, we have been able to generate several international proof-of-concept projects with a few commercialization prospects in the pipeline. The pandemic has restricted our movement and DLE has been a great tool for our members to streamline communication and product development. We are in the process to create a commercialization model to help our members reach the market faster in partnership with other members.


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