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VStream Revolution is offering global insurance policy for AirGo’s standardised DroneBox™

22 SEP 2022,

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA- Drone Logistics Ecosystem members, AirGo Design Pte Ltd (Singapore) and the Malaysian Drone Insurance company VStream Revolution Sdn Bhd are entering a partnership into work on risk assessment processes, and development of standardised insurance policies for AirGo’s smart DroneBox™ containers, as the worlds 1st fully insured drone cargo container. This would be the first effort on a global scale to streamline an evaluation and risk assessment method for drone delivery containers, including laboratory tests and certification process in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authorities Ministry of Health in Malaysia, specifically for the transportation of medical supplies. In addition to the collaboration on the development of drone cargo delivery insurance policies, VStream is supporting AirGo in the installation of IoT devices for tracking and monitoring of AirGo’s DroneBox containers to integrate into their online drone insurance platform. DroneBox™ containers have successfully been tested in 5 Proof-of-Concept programs, in collaboration with AlphaSwift (Malaysia), Dragonfly Pads (France), DroneUp (US), Freespace Operations (Australia), Valqari (US). “in the past 2 years, the AirGo engineering team have been working on standardised drone cargo delivery solutions featuring lightweight composite material, IoT device and software integration. We have extensive know-how in advanced composite material application in the aerospace industry to design and manufacture ultralight and robust drone delivery boxes and delivery systems aka DroneBox™/DroneFridge™ and DroneDelivery™. VStream Revolution has been one of the front runners in drone insurance in Asia and we are delighted to form a partnership with them for the evaluation of our Drone delivery containers and releasing mechanism. By working with VStream we can offer optional transportation insurance not only for the containers but for the cargo on land, air and sea. This would be the first time ever such a programme has been initiated, and we hope the drone delivery industry will embrace our approach.” Dr Ali Jahanshahi, COO of AirGo Design Pte Ltd and Global Executive Director of DLE “We have always been working to provide solutions that make drone operation safer. VsTream Airborne IntelliGent Device (TAG) is a unique IoT device that we are developed for the UAV market. Using the latest sensor and software algorithm, we can detect the Altitude, Longitude and Latitude of the UAS and Payloads TAG is the 1st ready to use external UAV tracker with an IP67 rating, TAG can operate for up to 3 days in a single charge, TAG can be integrated to other sensors via simple Bluetooth communication, Easy to attach to any UAV for tracking by strap on the method or custom integration, Using standard IoT communication such as GMS/GPRS/GNSS/Bluetooth 4.0+LE, Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, Our Visualization Software will show the UAV as an avatar with information on Altitude, Longitude and Latitude & Permit and Mission details” Mr Saravanan Letchumenan, Founder & CEO of VStream Revolution Sdn Bhd.

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