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Singapore Sets the Stage for Aerospace Industry Innovation: Farnborough International Airshow 2023

15 Oct 23

Authored by AJE

Singapore, The Farnborough International Airshow, established in 1948, is one of the world’s oldest aerospace and defence events, a platform for the aviation sector to showcase its technological marvels, where cutting-edge aircraft are presented to potential customers and investors. Over the years, it has become a symbol of innovation, excellence, and collaboration within the industry. This year, Farnborough International, organiser of the world-famous airshow, reached new horizons by hosting its first-ever international event, focusing on the emerging Global Urban Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) at Marina Bay in Singapore. The two-day summit, held on the 27th and 28th of September 2023, was a testament to the industry's continuous drive for progress.

Expanding Horizons: Farnborough International's Global Reach - Farnborough International marked a historic moment as it ventured beyond its traditional UK home ground to embrace the dynamic landscape of Singapore. This unprecedented move demonstrated the industry's commitment to fostering innovation, global collaboration, and the integration of advanced air mobility solutions. It was a comprehensive exploration of the future, making Singapore the launchpad for the world's first smart city with AAM capabilities.

A Glimpse into the Summit - The Marina Bay event was a melting pot of conferences, engaging speaker sessions, networking opportunities, panel discussions, and live demonstrations of groundbreaking Volocopter drone flights. Volocopter's choice of Singapore as the launch location for its AirTaxi services is a testament to the city-state's dedication to advancing AAM technologies. Singapore's commitment to developing AAM capabilities echoes the broader global trend toward urban air mobility, which promises to revolutionize transportation and logistics.

Embracing Investment in Aerospace Innovation - In a marked departure from typical industry events, the organisers of Farnborough International Airshow actively invited the investment community to join in. This forward-thinking approach allowed potential investors to gain deeper insights into the industry and interact with key stakeholders. It showcased the airshow's commitment to not only presenting innovative technologies but also fostering collaboration and investment in these game-changing technologies.

Image 1: Volocity AirTaxi Flight Demonstration 28th of Sep 23

Parallel Events Enrich the Experience - During this action-packed day, attendees had the opportunity to witness two parallel events. The first was a live demonstration of the Volocity e-VTOL, a technological marvel. It showcased the extraordinary potential of electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) aircraft, further reinforcing the idea that the future of transportation is in the skies.

The second event was an Investment Networking gathering hosted by Dr Erik Linden from Orbit Management Services, Switzerland. He delivered a comprehensive presentation that provided deep insights into the AAM industry, supported by quantifiable numbers and factual data. He was joined on stage by Dr Linden and Hui Ling Teo from Reed Smith, who shared their expert opinions on the industry's progress and its promising future.

Image 2: Dr Erik Linden from Orbit Management Services

Insightful Panel Discussion - The second day of the event witnessed a noteworthy panel discussion in the afternoon session, titled "Small Package Last Mile Drone Delivery Across Asia". Dr Ali Jahanshahi, our director, had the privilege of joining this distinguished panel, which included Vignesh Santhanam, Drones and Tomorrow's Airspace, the World Economy Forum, Dr Daisuke Kubo, Executive Director, Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA), and Terence Yeo, Head of New Markets APAC, Zipline, moderated by Bryn Lucas.

Image 3: "Small Package Last Mile Drone Delivery Across Asia" panel discussion from left to right- Bryn Lucas, Dr Daisuke Kubo, Vignesh Santhanam, Terence Yeo, Dr Ali Jahanshahi.

The discussion centred on the critical role of last-mile and small package delivery technology in a region where many areas remain inaccessible. It was clear that drone technology would be relied upon to provide faster and cost-effective deliveries of medical supplies, humanitarian support, and consumer goods.

A Glimpse into the Future - The summit at Marina Bay provided a glimpse into the future of urban air mobility and its potential to transform the way we live and work. It was an affirmation of the aerospace industry's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the betterment of society as a whole.

Acknowledging the Organizers - Special recognition must be extended to the remarkable team of organizers who orchestrated this remarkable event, led by Sofia Aldatz, Jemma Keen, and Zeke Anderson. Their dedication and commitment made this global showcase of aerospace innovation possible, setting the stage for Farnborough International Airshow 2024 and beyond.

Image 4: GUAAS organisers from Farnborough International Airshow from Left to right- Jemma Keen, Paul Denny, Bryn Lucas, Sarah Lindsay, Holly Jones, Julie Mears & Jenniffer Gearheart – Tang.

GUAAS Asia 2023, organised by Farnborough International in Singapore was a testament to the aerospace industry's dedication to innovation and the pursuit of excellence. It underscored the industry's willingness to expand its horizons, foster investment, and drive urban air mobility solutions. The future of aviation and aerospace has never looked more promising, and the world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in this remarkable journey.

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